Dj Biography - Milinka Mikaela Radisic (Indonesia)

By Jonathan Rolandez
on Wed 26 Nov 2008

DJ Milinka, formerly known as Miz Milinka, ex member of Electric Barbarellas, was born Milinka Mikaela Radisic in 1978. Of Indonesian-Croatian parentage, her face, features and appearance are very much Caucasian, and due to this fact, plus her name, she is often mistakenly thought as pure Croatian. Though, when it comes to talking with her, you'd be sure she'll respond in perfect Indonesian - she grew up in Indonesia, lived in Holland, and considers herself an international person.

Her name itself, Milinka, comes from an ancient Slavic name, meaning "The Ruler" or "The Queen". Upon naming her, her parents might've put already some expectations, and years later, the beautiful baby proved herself worthy of the name: crowned beauty queen of Indonesia in 2004, then later, after having acquired a certain taste for electronica, Milinka formed the dynamic duo of Electric Barbarellas with Devina Rosandi (also known as DJ Devina or Delizious Devina).

The duo itself rocketed into stardom in a very short time - Indonesia was en manque de grand female DJs and the girls quickly made sure they secured the position as Indonesia's most loved sweethearts in the nightlife industry. They became a phenomenon - Indonesia had never seen any other female DJs before them getting so many gigs. The girls hit the road for months and months of long journey. They became the idols, the ultimate clubbing and lifestyle icon nobody else had ever been before.

Sadly, the duo itself only lasted merely two years. The girls decided to go separate ways in October 2007, and since then, Milinka rose into further stardom herself, opting to put her time, efforts and talents into her own project called the HDM Project - HDM stands for House of Dance Music - while Devina chose to come under the umbrella of Indonesia's biggest label 1945 MF.

Being on her own, Milinka recruited soon new breed DJs, young boys as her own warriors under her label: you count DJ Radit / Raditya Iryandi, DJ Buni, and many more. She celebrated the birth of her HDM Project by a 24-hour set - the first one ever done in Indonesia by a DJ - on 17 November 2007 at K7 Club Jakarta.

One thing you're sure about what Milinka is, is that she knows exactly about her profession. She is aware that being a female DJ is not enough, you have to be the female DJ - you have to be an icon, you have to turn yourself into a brand, a trend, you have to know how to create a buzz around yourself. Talent itself is not enough to be the first. Effort only is not enough to bring you to the top. Combining both, with a lot of hardwork, passion, and strategic marketing plan will turn you into a real star. And this is what we admire from Milinka. She knows that everything has to come with everything behind.

Since summer 2008, Milinka has hit the road once again, this time internationally - she has played in Ibiza / Eivissa, Spain, the Island of Dreams, Heaven on Earth - and then in Zürich, Switzerland, Hanoi, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and soon after Christmas, in Lahr, Germany for the Big Bang Festival.

On 5 and 6 December 2008, Milinka is going to celebrate one year of HDM Project, by a massive two-day event, inviting as many as 46 DJs, 11 MCs, 6 VJs, with super guest star Solarstone, World's Number 93 as of DJmag's 2008 Poll last November, at Grand Manhattan Club, Jakarta.

See you there!


No Performers are attached with this event


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Bio - Dj Biography - Milinka Mikaela Radisic (Indonesia)
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