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By Jonathan Rolandez
on Thu 2 Oct 2014

With our combo of website, social media channels, a huge number of daily impressions and great user engagement, indoclubbing can help your campaigns! Some FAQ below or just jump directly to the point here.

How can I advertise with indoclubbing?

We apply rates for specific services, which include (but not limited to):
- Banner Placements
- Advertorial Contents
- Social Media Engagements
- Digital Activations
- Offline / On-ground Events

What are your Banner Placement Spots?

Please request our media kit by clicking here.

Can you make specific packages / customized solutions for my campaign?

Yes, absolutely! We understand that each brand or product may need special something that best suits your goal. Please contact us by clicking here.

What can you do for me on Social Media?

We have a huge number of people engaging to our contents on Social Media. Among the things we can do for you are:
- Branded / Sponsored Instagram Post (Image or Video)
- Branded Visual Content or Sponsored Post on Facebook (Image, video or just text)
- Twitter Promotion (Text with attached image) with specific tags
- Branded Compilation on Soundcloud
- Branded Video on YouTube
- Short Videoclip Post with targeted tagging on Vine

What are your social media channels?

We are present on:
- Facebook.com/indoclubbing
- Twitter.com/indoclubbing
- Instagram.com/indoclubbing
- YouTube.com/indoclubbing
- Soundcloud.com/indoclubbing

Request Media Kit & Rate Card

To request our Media Kit & Rate Card, please contact us via:
- Email info [at] indoclubbing.com
- Call +622156998465

Media Partnership for Clubs & Promoters

We represent a club / promoter. Can I do media partnership with you?

Yessir! Please click here to go to our Media Partnership page.