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Media Partnership

By Jonathan Rolandez
on Thu 2 Oct 2014

For over 10 years, indoclubbing has been partnering with almost all the biggest clubs and clubbing / rave events in Indonesia. We have been present in over 3,100 parties, helping out promotions and make the best out of your events - resulting in over 200,000+ party photos from everywhere!

Are you a club owner or promoter? Then we are the right partner for you!

How can I have indoclubbing as my media partner?

When you say partners, our engagement goes way beyond just putting a flyer on our website. Our partnership creates a constant promotion for your nightlife venues and an engagement BEFORE, DURING & AFTER your events.

Partnering with indoclubbing means we will help you create a circle of activations, crossing the channels, providing a solid promotional platform to boost everything you do, through our optimum web of networks. We ensure the maximum visibility for you.

Media Partnership is FREE*.

*if you do not have any sponsor and if you are not asking us to brand further than listing on the website.

You don't have to pay anything to have a media partnership with us, although you have to give back some good deeds in return:

  1. Put our logo on your flyer. Click here to download indoclubbing logo in full res.
  2. Give us guestlist / tickets / invitations to your event so we can promote your event to our audience and excite their engagement better.
  3. Send all information early enough - don't wait until the last moment! Allow at least 1-2 weeks so the promo can be optimum.
  4. Please provide Press ID for IC Crew: our journalist + photographer / other staff who are coming to review / take photos / cover your event. Backstage / DJ booth access would be great, too!
  5. Please provide IDR 1,000,000 minimum of monthly vouchers for us. These vouchers will be used internally by our team members or be used as quiz prizes on our site or social media.
  6. Please also provide refreshments (food & beverage: 1 bottle of liquor + mixers, 4 bottles of mineral water and 2 portions of snacks / 1 full meal) for IC Crew / Press Team + transport fees depending on situation and condition.
  7. Please bear in mind that, due to numerous requests, we cannot prioritize your event coverage for free partnership and will not post on Instagram or do anything further as promotion. If you want us to prioritize and 100% come to your event, please see our Advertising Solutions.

What does it take for you to come cover / review / take photos at our event?

Well, first we have to be media partner! Check out the T&C just above. Then, some more info below:

  1. Your event has to be in Jadetabek.
  2. If you want your event(s) to be covered, please contact us via email at least 2-3 weeks (or even 1 month) prior to the event date. We cannot come to your event if you inform us way too late, because usually our engagement calendar for event reporting is already full 2-3 weeks ahead.
  3. If it's outside Greater Jakarta area but still within 25 km distance from Jakarta, please provide return transport by car / train / bus / boat, meal fees (3 meals per day per person) & accommodation (minimum 1 room per person in a 4-star hotel) for our staff during their stay for the event and IDR 2,500,000 per day of coverage.
  4. If your event is in another city / island (example: Bali, Medan, Jogja, Surabaya) outside the 25 km neighborhood limit, we require you to give our staff a return flight ticket (Garuda, Air Asia or Citilink), meal fees (3 meals per day per person) as well as accommodation (minimum 1 room per person in a 4-star hotel) during their stay for the event and IDR 4,000,000 per day of coverage.

Can I have a banner placement on your website, or Facebook, Instagram Post or a Tweet?

Banner placements are reserved for clubs / bars / nightlife outlets that partner with us in long-term partnership or special events with big bang DJs, so you have to comply with those requirements first before you can have a banner. Same goes with Facebook and Tweet Posts.

For Instagram, we only do sponsored post / paid promotion, so please contact us to get the rate card first. We do not accept any requests to post on Instagram if it's not a paid promotion. Please bear in mind we are a COMPANY who still has salaries to pay, so, please never ask for free promotion. Check our Advertising Solutions here.

Further engagements - what does starred events / featured events mean?

Star / featured events mean further engagements with us. Contact us for more info!

Request Partnership Docs

To request our Partnership Docs, please contact us via:
- Email info [at] indoclubbing.com
- Call +622156998465

Advertising for Brands / Products / Companies

We represent a brand / product / company. Can I advertise on your website & channels network?

Yes, of course you can. Please click here to go to our Advertising page.


Media Partnership