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Our Office

By Jonathan Rolandez
on Thu 2 Oct 2014

What does our office look like?

Well, it's cozy, for a start.

Less is more

In our spirit of lean startup model, we think less is more. That's why our office is dominated by white color.

Even the mini-clock is white
White with some hints of colors
Can you name all the Amiibos?
Printy prints on the wall
White & simple
Hello Luigi!
Those toons watch over us as we work

It's all about indoclubbing

Obviously we love our brand. Guess how many photos we have on the wall?

Yes, it's a wall of fame
Work and party 24-7-365
Spot us in the club?

So, interested to work with us?

Go to Job Openings Page to know more!


Our Office