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Our Team

By Jonathan Rolandez
on Thu 2 Oct 2014

indoclubbing crews

If you meet one of them anywhere in the club, say hello!

Joshua Tobing - Photographer

Joshua Tobing

1, 2, 3, SMILE for Joe's snapshots!

Antonius Doddy - Event & Content Manager

Antonius Doddy

Very kind and quiet, Doddy works very hard but never forgets to enjoy life!

Zifky Lendy - Social Media Journalist

Zifky Lendy

You can call him Lendy, he used to be the man behind all the articles 'Clubber of the Week' in Indoclubbing. Now, Lendy has become more serious and focusing more on EDM and lifestyle articles!

Wibi - Journalist

100% Javanese, 100% gentleman, Wibi is the current man behind "Clubber of the Week" at indoclubbing. ;)

Chris Randa - Web Admin & In-House Bartender

Tribal tattoos and glasses - geek or badass? Got to know him yourself!

Airinn Rasjid - Event Officer

The only girl in the office right now, Airinn used to be a DJ, EO and promoter on her own before joining indoclubbing.

Ferdy BW - Event Officer

Womanizer, friendly & great in studio as well as at parties, FBW is a new addition to our team.

Herman Hendarko - Event Officer

Fun guy who looks zen but can be naughty sometimes, Herman might look the goody-goody two shoes part, but rest assured he is a pro in partying and photography!

Fachry - Photography Intern

Photo coverages and everything an intern could be.

Munzal - Graphic Design Intern

Quiet yet efficient, Munzal is a talented up & coming young designer.

Jonathan Rolandez - Founder

Back in 2006, Jonathan thought Indonesia desperately lacked of a media dedicated to nightlife and clubbing in Indonesia. That's why he decided to create indonesiaclubbing.com (former name of indoclubbing.com). After years of going out almost every single week-end. Jonathan now focuses on business and website development.


Our Team