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Djakarta Warehouse Project

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on Thu 18 Mar 2010

DJAKARTA WAREHOUSE PROJECT is a collaborated dance music festival by Blowfish together with Indonesia’s leading event organizers/promoters. The event was created as a movement for peace, as a means to convey to the public that the nightlife industry is more positive than it has generally been perceived, that it actually is a service to provide the public with great music in a safe surroundings and fun atmosphere. It will take place at Pantai Carnaval Ancol on April 24, 2010 and will feature 8 International acts, various local DJs, VJs, and talents, and one-of-a-kind dramatic décor. We are building a music festival with an extraordinary ambience that will give the audience both the experience of a rave party but with all the convenience of a club. Facilities such as food stalls, full bars, toilets, and various fun games will be provided all night long at the venue. This event is fully supported by Dinas Pariwisata and also Asosiasi Hiburan Indonesia.

The background of this mission is the unfortunate coincidental incident that had taken place at Blowfish on April 4, 2010. Since the aftermath of the incident did not affect Blowfish alone but also Jakarta’s nightlife industry in general, we initiated a discussion with leading event organizers and promoters in Indonesia, resulting in an agreement to add a new mission to the previously Blowfish Warehouse Project. As the pioneers of Jakarta’s nightlife industry, we would like to use this opportunity to spread an important message: that we are fighting against violence and for our rights to peacefully enjoy music. We also intend to give donation to non-profit organization that supports a similar cause. Together, we are bringing this event forward, so that it won’t be just another party but a statement instead from Jakarta’s nightlife industry. All participating event organizers contribute to this event by being spokespersons and helping us spread the message to a greater audience. With that, Blowfish Warehouse Project has evolved into a party with a mission, entitled Djakarta Warehouse Project: “Peace. Dance. Unity”- a warehouse dance music project for peace.

This event will be a monumental one in Jakarta dance scene calendar, the time when club music enthusiasts, partygoers, event organizers, and everyone who care gather to support the movement to make a statement against unnecessary violence and to celebrate togetherness and excellent music in a safe and fun environment.

The lineup DJs for this event starts with world-renowned DJ FERRY CORSTEN. For world’s #7 DJ Ferry Corsten, whose musical productions and DJ sets have combined trance, house, and electro, we let the facts speak for themselves: Best Producer of the Year (Ericsson Music Awards), Best Trance DJ (Ibiza DJ Awards), and consistently voted as one of the Top 10 DJs in the world for almost a decade according to DJ Magazine. Next up is KASKADE. Given his golden touch for song writing, producing, and DJing, Kaskade’s hit songs “It’s You, It’s Me”, “Gonna Make It”, “What I Say” and of course the Billboard charting smashes “Steppin’ Out” and “Everything” have catapulted him to one of the hottest names in music today. This world’s #51 DJ produces beautiful sounds, whether uplifting, using organic instrumentals or catchy vocals, Kaskade´s music embodies life, love and happiness.

Electro/trance superstar MARCO V, world’s #50 DJ, will also rock the arena with his energetic trance, and big room techno and electro. Whenever he’s on deck, world’s #50 DJ Marco V holds complete control of the crowd with a style that is impossible to put into words, incorporating anything from fierce electro to driving techno and beyond. Djakarta Warehouse Project will also bring for the first time to Indonesia, DASH BERLIN. Dash Berlin is a true DJ at heart with a profound passion for the comprehensive culture of dance music. In 2007, none other than Armin van Buuren revealed his newfound discovery to the world and featured Dash Berlin’s debut record “’Till The Sky Falls Down” on his legendary Universal Religion album. With more great things to come, Dash Berlin is the future of trance music.

Also for the first time in Indonesia, electroclash duo from New York, FISCHERSPOONER. Spiking retro electropop, electroclash duo Fischerspooner utilizes a modern approach to programming. Fischerspooner has produced hit songs like “Never Win”, which propelled to #55 in the UK chart, and also “Emerge”, which went to #25 of the UK chart and was recently nominated by URB as “Song of the Decade”. The indie/house spirit will set the place on fire starting with one of the most talented producers in France’s celebrated dance-music scene, LIFELIKE. Lifelike’s CV boasts a wealth of hit productions, collaborations and remixes that have cemented his place in dance music history.

R&B lovers will be psyched with the performance of DJ SHORTEE BLITZ. Shortee is truly the ambassador for Hip Hop in the UK. With two weekly radio shows on Kiss FM, a role as a presenter on Kiss TV, a Ministry of Sound residency, and columns in Touch, Hip Hop connection and iDJ, Blitz has cemented his place as one of the most influential figures in UK music.

This event is fully supported by our sponsors L.A. Lights, Johnnie Walker, Danamon/American Express, Coca Cola, and Guinness. Unity Dance Project is a collaborated event by Blowfish, Dragonfly, Sound Rhythm, Original Naro, Future10, Spinach, 360 Entertainment, 1945MF, Soul Menace, Elektra666, Junko, Trigger, Makaveli, Sound of Zeus, Sound Syndicated, Whitelands, and Adroitz. Our media partners are Kompas Urbana, Juice, Area, Hard Rock FM, Cosmopolitan FM, Traxx FM, The Beat, The Jakarta Globe, Indonesia Clubbing, Time Out Jakarta, Trax Magazine, and FHM. There will also be performances from Indonesia’s best DJs and VJs and also the extraordinary Japanese CYBERJAPAN Pole Dancers.

Blowfish ( was first opened in early 2003 and quickly established itself not only as the pioneer in Jakarta’s Dining and Nightlife Industry but also the most popular choice for a great dining and lounging night out ever since. In its 7th year of operation, BLOWFISH remains strong and continues to be one of the leading establishments in the industry while garnering worldwide acclaims through its global media exposures.



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Press Release - Djakarta Warehouse Project