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10 Reasons why you should stay at TS Suites Bali Seminyak

By Jonathan Rolandez
on Wed 18 Jul 2018

It's the little things that matter

Amongst hundreds of hotels in Bali, one stands out for its HEEEL motto: Hip, Endless indulgence, Extraordinary, Easy, Lifestyle. TS Suites Leisure, in the heart of Seminyak Bali, is a five-starred collection of the prestigious TownSquare Group, Jakarta-based property development and management company with portfolios encompassing the South-Jakartan haunt for the trendy ones, Cilandak TownSquare, as well as its hip sister Surabaya TownSquare and the TS Suites Surabaya Hotel.

Being in hospitality industry means you have to have a good understanding of what your customer wants - and TS Suites fully comprehends this. It's the little things that matter, really, and all these things are the reasons why you should pick TS Suites for your next stay in Bali.


Jl. Nakula no. 18
Ph. : (0361) 8469 222
Price : $$$$
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1. It's fully Instagrammable

We love gorgeous hotels, don't we? Well, TS Suites' complex is very much Instagrammable - the whole nine yards.

Lobby and reception area
Courtyard and cascade area

2. Large, pristine rooms with state-of-the-art bathrooms

TS Suites prides itself in its luxurious standards. Their rooms are much bigger than what you usually find in most others, and their perfectly designed bathrooms are just marvelous. Take a look at these rooms. That bathtub (and some seasalt to go with the hot water) is just seriously inviting. Don't you just want to throw yourself on those fluffy pillows before taking a steamy hot bath? (Well, we definitely do)

TShell Room
That bathtub is just LOVE
TShell Suite

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Review - 10 Reasons why you should stay at TS Suites Bali Seminyak