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TStore at TS Suites Bali - a hidden gem in the Balinese fashion scene

By Jonathan Rolandez
on Thu 19 Jul 2018

TownSquare's designer hub & high-end fashion boutique takes Bali

If you like Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Harrods in London or Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue New York, but you happen to live in Bali or are on holiday in the Island of Gods, you will love TStore.

Created and managed by the TownSquare Group, this luxurious fashion store occupies the sprawling ground-floor courtyard at five-star TS Suites Leisure Hotel, in the trendy Seminyak area of Bali.

TStore, the newest and biggest high-end fashion store in Bali

TStore: everything you need for any occasion

With curated apparels and accessories from more than 100 designers local and international alike, TStore separates its collections into four departments: casual, resort, cocktail and evening wear.

"This is to ensure that every customer can find the exact piece they need, be it for occasions such as wedding or other formal affairs, as well as for any memorable moment they may plan for when in Bali," explains Ms. Tiza Pattiasina, TownSquare Group PR.

Upon entering the boutique, your eyes will feast upon rows and rows of neatly arranged, tastefully curated attires.

"We sometimes have guests who purchase their wedding dresses here, as well as prominent members of the ChaƮne des Rotisseurs Bali," continues Ms. Pattiasina. The large array of choices TStore provides, indeed, is what makes the store much more exciting than just any other mainstream department store, for every piece in the boutique is never industrially mass-manufactured but crafted in limited edition - most of the evening wear are unique couture pieces.

Every fashionista's dream is here
TStore, Bali's own designer hub and retail complex
Couture evening wear
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Review - TStore at TS Suites Bali - a hidden gem in the Balinese fashion scene