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DJ Biography - Arno Cost (France)

By Jonathan Rolandez
on Fri 8 Apr 2011


Arno Cost is one of France's most talented up-and-coming music producers and djs. His music is making huge waves across the world and at such as young age, Arno is set to join the DJ elite in the coming years.

Music has always fascinated Arno. At a very early age his parents immersed him in pop music and disco; and he first began producing back in 1999 in his bedroom. His influences & inspiration include all manner of music from Disco, Italo-Disco, "The French Touch" (Daft Punk, Benjamin Diamond, Alan Braxe, Philip Zdar etc.) to modern day heroes such as Stuart Price, Axwell, Lifelike and Eric Prydz.

In 2006, Arno remixed the Geyster's tune ‘Under the Fuse of Love’ which soared to second place in the UK club charts where it saw success for several weeks. Later that year, Arno produced some remixes for The Freshmakers, one for Serial Crew (Boss), another for Da Sushiman (Ledge Music), and covered the well-known Michael Jackson classic "Thriller" ("Rilod" - Nice Music).

However, Arno truly defined his style with the hit track "Magenta," composed alongside Arias. Their song garnered support from some of the top dj talent in the world including Pete Tong, Tom Novy, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso. First released during December 2006 in Germany, it became one of the most-played tunes at "The Amsterdam Dance Event." Coupled with a storming mix by Dave Spoon the track reached dizzying heights and was definitely THE track of 2007. This brought him to the attention of management team Club Class Music Management, who he joined in early Jan 2008.

Continuing with his Serial Records releases, Apocolypse came next, a stunning monster of a record, that had airplay and DJ play from a list of DJs so long we could be writing for their names for a week !!! Signed to labels globally this set the scene for 2008 !!! Souvenir soon followed again to critical acclaim, then the stunning Darling Habour all showcased on home city label Serial Records, and of course licensed to the cream of labels everywhere....

In between these stunning originals, Arno collaborated with friend John Dahlback on Golden Walls which was signed to Nero Recordings in Sweden and again was a massive success in clubs (there seems to be a recurring theme here don’t you think ????) Remix offers flooded in, Arno picking his way through these to only agree to do tracks he felt he could bring a different dimension to, Zoo Brazil – Kalle (with Norman Doary) / MOS Australia’s Dirty Laundry – Hate Me / Baba O Riley MOS Data (with Norman Doray) / Michael Feiner feat Daniel Lindstrome got the magic touch from this in demand Parisian talent. We should also mention the cheeky edits Arno does for his DJ sets, stunning re works of well known records, that have to be heard to be believed.

Rounding off a fantastic year, Arno was asked to mix the prestigious Club FG Compilation 2009 (sold over Christmas 08) one of the biggest selling compilations of the year in France, previous luminaries to mix this are David Guetta in 2008 and Antoine Clamaran in 2007, good company indeed !!

Move forward to early 2009 and what does the year have to offer we wonder ? Quite a lot as it happens, his latest Arno Cost record Cyan has been delivered, a new label ACtive Music is on the horizon with a new alter ego name (watch this space) and a season in Ibiza this summer is looming large as he pushes ever further up the DJ ranks, 2009 looks like being the turning point in the rise of a global phenomenon!

- Everywhere (Discogalaxy Records) (2005)
- Forever (feat Distorded, Pool e Music) (2006)
- Let U Go (Under the name of The Freshmakers) (2006)
- Women (feat Henchmen, D-Tracks) (2006)
- Magenta (feat Arias, Serial / CR2 / Kontor / Airplay) (2006)
- Night Feelings (Serial Records, Serial) (2007)
- Apocalypse (feat Norman Doray, Serial / Cr2 / Kontor / Airplay) (2007)
- Souvenir (coming soon on Cr2, Serial, Kontor & Airplay)(2008)
- Golden Walls (With John Dahlback, Nero Records) (2008)
- Arno Cost - Darling Harbour (Serial, Cr2 Records) (2009)
- Arno Cost - Cyan (Serial, Cr2 Records, NEWS, Blanco y Negro...) (2009)
- Arno Cost & Arias - The Days To Come (Coming soon)
- Arno Cost & Martin Solveig - Touch Me (Coming soon)

- Geyster - Under The Fuse Of Love (Somekind Records) (2006)
- Laidback Luke - Don' t Let Go (Ledge Music) (2006)
- Rilod - Thriller (The Freshmakers Remix, Nice Music) (2006)
- Da Sushiman - In & Out (The Freshmakers Remix, Ledge Music) (2006)
- MB & Muttonheads - MYOKOM (The Freshmakers Remix, Serial) (2006)
- Sunfreakz - Riding The Wave (Cost & Doray, Pool e Music)
- Connected - A feeling World (Arno Cost Remix, Apollo) (2007)
- Nicole Otero - Sunshine Song (Arno Cost Remix, Cr2 Records) (2007)
- Antoine Clamaran - Give Some Love (Cost & Doray Remix, Pool e Music) (2007)
- David Vendetta - Bleeding Heart (Arno Cost Remix, Dj Center) (2007)
- Laidback Luke & Tom De Neef - Humanoids (Cost & Doray Remix, Mish Mash Records) (2008)
- David Guetta - Delirious (Cost & Doray Remix, Virgin) (2008)
- Dirty South - The End (Arno Cost Remix, Viscious) (2008)
- Cube Guys - Baba O'Riley (Cost & Doray Remix, Ministry/Data) (2008)
- Zoo Brazil - Kalle (Cost & Doray Remix, Joia) (2008)
- Dirty Laundry - Hate Me (Arno Cost Remix, EQ) (2008)
- Michael Feiner - Saturday Night (Arno Cost Remix, Serial Records) (2008)
- David Guetta ft Kelly Rowland - Love Takes Over (A. Cost & N. Doray Remix, Virgin) (2009)

F***k Me I'm Famous @ Zenith PARIS - 25 June 2010




Arno Cost

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Bio - DJ Biography - Arno Cost (France)