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Azari & III ft Andy Butler - Blowfish (Jakarta) - 16.03.2012

By Jonathan Rolandez
on Tue 20 Mar 2012

One night with Azari & III and Andy Butler was a definite blast!

We knew we would have a blasting Friday night, even before we entered Blowfish. Oh my, the queue of people wanting to get inside the club was long! We assume people were psyched by the event that night:
Turn On Plastic, featuring Azari & III Live and Andy Butler (Hercules and Love Affair DJ Set).

Anyway, we arrived at Blowfish few minutes after midnight. Upon being inside the club, first things we did were getting our seats and drinks, having a little chat with some friends, and setting up some preparations before we did our works.
At around 1 am, when the crowd was getting bigger, and the atmosphere was getting more alive, Azari & III got on the stage and started their action right away. They were the first to wash people away by their brilliant music that night.

People who were previously far from the stage, suddenly swamped the area around it. Then, the moment Azari & III opened their act by playing their song ‘Into the Night’, people started being hysterical.
They played several songs that night. ‘Hungry For the Power’ and ‘Reckless’ were to name a few. Too bad they only played for about 1 hour, but people obviously had great times, including us!

Then, Andy Butler got on the booth and took over. It was around 2.15 AM. Despite a slight technical problem in the middle of the show, he still nailed it! People danced the night away and seemed to have real fun.
We really enjoyed the night. The night with Azari & III and Andy Butler was succesfully added into our list of “Best Nights Ever”. Whenever they come back to Indonesia, count us in!



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Report - Azari & III ft Andy Butler - Blowfish (Jakarta) - 16.03.2012