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Add an Artist

Are you an Indonesian DJ?

If you are an Indonesian DJ, you can now create and manage your own DJ profile on our sister website, www.topdj.id.

Once approved, your DJ profile will be visible on TopDJ and on indoclubbing.com!

Other Artists (foreign DJs, Bands, Singers, MC, VJ

If you want to get listed, you must send us an e-mail (info@indoclubbing.com) containing all the information related to you :

  • - Photo (at least 260x260px, jpg only)
  • - Artist Name
  • - Real Name
  • - Music genres played (house, techno, hip-hop...)
  • - Social media accounts (facebook, twitter, instagram, soundcloud
  • - Contact information (phone, e-mail)
  • - Any additional information (club residence, past experience...)
Add an Artist