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Add an Artist

Get Maximum Exposure by being listed as an Artist on indoclubbing.com!

Are you a DJ? VJ? MC? Singer? Band? If the answer is yes, you can get listed for free on our website.

This way, it will be easier for everybody to find you!

How do I get listed ?

All Artists listed on indoclubbing.com are listed manually by our staff, since we verify all the information related to each artist.

If you want to get listed, you must send us an e-mail (info@indoclubbing.com) containing all the information related to you :

  • - Photo (at least 260x260px, jpg only)
  • - Artist Name
  • - Real Name
  • - Music genres played (house, techno, hip-hop...)
  • - Social media accounts (facebook, twitter, instagram, soundcloud
  • - Contact information (phone, e-mail)
  • - Any additional information (club residence, past experience...)

Can I modify my artist page by myself?

We do not allow artists to edit their artist page, to guarantee the accuracy of the content displayed on our website. If you want to edit anything related to your Artist page, simple send us an email to info@indoclubbing.com with your updated information.

Add an Artist